About us

Kumbu zone is a new eco surf brand which originated from our passion and experience in the field.

Kumbu is referring to the notorious Khumbu glacier on the Mount Everest,
known by all climbers over the world, which brings us into the Kumbu SNOW zone

Kumbu is also a fruit of a palm tree in the tropics, which brings us
into the Kumbu SURF zone

Kumbu is an Indian card game too.
With the right cards, you will succeed
Which will bring us into the zone

In the Kumbu zone we provide surf, snow, skate gear

and clothing as well.

Kumbu zone emerged during the 2020 corona pandemic.
It made us think about the future, the environment, nature, passion, sports
and the limited time we spend on earth…

Therefore we started this project and promised ourselves to support environmental organisations.

We support, financially, the sherpas in Nepal, through professional climbing organisations such as
The Mount Everest Foundation for sustainable development (MEFSD).
Website: www.summitclimb.com

Here at Kumbu zone, we believe in taking care of our planet and helping people in need.

That’s why for each item of clothing, each e-board, each snowboard… sold, a tree will be planted.

For that purpose we have a partnership with BOS +

Website: www.bosplus.be

When selling our Kumbu zone products, a portion of the profits is used to finance these organisations.
You can personally donate too, via the links mentioned above.

We want you, surfers, snowboarders, skaters and all other sporters over the world,

to be able to practice your passion in clean environmental zones, with respect for our planet and her amazing nature.

The mountains and the sea are your playground.
This brand is about you, passion, sports, nature, water, snow and riding the waves of your life

Welcome to the Kumbu zone

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